Home working and travel costs

All staff members must have either Westminster or the constituency as their contractual place of work. This includes staff who have been working primarily from home.

In relation to travel claims, IPSA will pay for staff contracted to work in Westminster to travel to and from the constituency office, but not for travel between their home and Westminster, which would be considered a commute under the Scheme.

Similarly, for staff contracted to work in the constituency, IPSA will pay for travel to and from London, but not for travel between their home and the constituency office.

Other journeys, such as within-constituency and extended travel, are also claimable for staff members, in line with the Scheme rules.

As well as working with the Members’ HR service, we will be speaking to MP staff representatives about any proposed changes to our rules on this and other areas and will keep MPs and their offices updated.

You can find further information on tax and travel expenses on the HMRC website.