Browse the resources to help you make contractual changes and develop job descriptions. Download the forms needed to extend fixed-term or casual contracts, hire apprentices, and make contract variations.

Using IPSA Online

You can check the status of any type of form you have submitted to Payroll by using IPSA Online.

  1. Note!

    Open IPSA Online.

  2. Step1

    On the Main menu navigate to the Forms section on the left-hand side of the screen.

    Select the type of form you would like to check from the list displayed.

  3. Step2

    Under the heading: Form ID – Please leave set as [NEW] and the system will generate a new ID.

  4. Step3

    Select the drop-down menu on the right, and choose Value lookup.

  5. Step4

    A pop-up will appear. Select Search.

  6. Step5

    Scroll down and select the form number from the list under Attribute value.

    From here you can view the progress of the form you have submitted.

The MP Team Report in IPSA Online lists all current staff employed by an individual MP and each staff member's main terms and conditions.

The report is only available under an MP’s login details.

The terms and conditions include:

  • staff name

  • position (proxy or non-proxy)

  • job title

  • FTE salary

  • actual salary

  • full-time hours

  • actual hours

  • employment commencement date

  • workbase location (this refers to a staff member’s place of work, for example in Westminster or a constituency)

  • IPSA contract

  • type of employment

  • duration of employment

The report can be run at any time. The report is updated with changes as soon as they are processed on the payroll system and can be used to check whether any changes you have requested are complete.

This means, for example, you can use the report to check whether a new starter has been added to the system, or if an increase to the hours of a current staff member has been processed.

  1. Note!

  2. Step1

    From the Main menu select Reports, and then MP Reports.

  3. Step2

    From the menu, select MP: Team Report.

  4. Step3

    You can also find this Report by using the Search box.

    In the Search box type “MP: Team” and the report will appear.

  5. Step4

    The report can be saved in your Favourites so you can access it quickly the next time you need it without having to navigate to its location.

    To add the report in your Favourites, while it is open select the Heart icon in the toolbar.

    The report is now saved to your dashboard.



All MPs' staff employed after 7 May 2010 must have a relevant job description, as well as a contract and a salary within the relevant pay range.

IPSA has created a job description generator that helps you produce and print job descriptions.

Before starting, users should review all the roles and duties available.

If the employee will be undertaking a mixture of two roles, please produce a job description for each.

Open resource

IPSA provides model contracts and job descriptions which MPs need to use for all new staff they employ.

To help with this process IPSA has created a tool that will allow MPs to generate and print employment contracts for their staff.

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